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Refined twin fin templates designed to cover a wide range of boards and conditions. Hand Foiled, solid glass and classic colour ways. Beau Young designed 2+1 fin template for eggs, stubbies and modern longboards.


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Our bonzer side fins were inspired not only by the classic bonzer set-up (Campbell bro’s) but our desire to deliver a fluid feeling 2+1 set up in any egg or single/stabaliser board.
Particular inspiration came from our friend in San Diego, Mr Devon Howard and his effortless grace and flow on a 2+1 (or any board for that matter).
We wanted to offer a fin set that could help the every day battler (and ourselves) achieve god like perfection as seen in some of Devons recent clips.

The key to achieving this started in these side fins; by adding 8 degrees of CANT(additional to whats in the plugs) we increase the fins release, allowing fluidity in that short moment between turns. When usually upright fins will resist the direction change and cause a slight hangup, the angled fin will offer a subtle slip and allow a smoother feeling and overall look to your surfing.

As a bonus the angle of the fin continues to work as a semi bonzer fin, naturally becoming more upright in the water when tilted during turns, giving extra drive and speed. Together its a perfect combination that will provide any 2+1 configuration an amazing new feeling.

Notes: Can be used with any small single centre fin.

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