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The Salty Merchants - 6.5" + 3.5" Beau Young 'WOMBAT' 2+1 SET


Refined twin fin templates designed to cover a wide range of boards and conditions. Hand Foiled, solid glass and classic colour ways. Beau Young designed 2+1 fin template for eggs, stubbies and modern longboards.

The Salty Merchants - 6.5" + 3.5" Beau Young 'WOMBAT' 2+1 SET

sold out

The Salty Merchants - 6.5" + 3.5" Beau Young 'WOMBAT' 2+1 SET


Designed by Beau Young, engineered by the Merchants.

We're very happy to launch our first 2+1 set with our very favourite human Mr Beau Young. The Wombat template was designed by Beau for his original "Wombat" surfboard model but it's versatility in a wide range of boards is endless.

- 6.5" center fins and 3.5" sides
- Use in a huge range of boards from 5-9 foot
- Use Single fin on its own in smaller boards (5-7 foot)

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Beau Young testing out the new Wombat Mark II. The board has been refined to give it more versatility, flow and function